What to expect at camp:

“Place a Samurai sword in the hands of a master and you’ll be amazed at what he can do.

A man like this on the dark path can do much harm as easily as a man like this on the light path can do much good.

The sword can be used to destroy or protect, all depending on the hand that holds it.

Place that sword in the hands of a baby and it will never be lifted off of the ground to do either.

You now understand that it’s not the sword but the hand that holds it. If it were the sword, a baby could defend itself from a Samurai warrior simply by having the same sword.

We believe Bitcoin and the movement it has spawned is one of the most important things happening now, both for humanity collectively and for individual people.

But this new technology is like a sword. First you must train your hands to use the sword.

The goal of BitCamp is convey the key insights and skills necessary for you to take the sword into your hands and wield it successfully.


BitCamp is structured into modules. Each module will consist of a lecture, Q&A, discussion, practicum, and assessments.

You will have 8 weeks following camp to work through assessments toward receiving a Blockchain Fundamentals certificate.

Prior Experience

There is no expectation of prior experience. But there is a lot you can do before camp to root it contextually.

You do not need to know how to code.
You will be expected to work through Blockchain/Cryptocurrency math.
You will have access to the local Blockchain community.

BitCamp is meant to be an intense, immersive experience. BitCamp is great for anyone looking to learn more about the Blockchain revolution; it is ideal for people who can handle drinking from a firehose and who see themselves becoming leaders in the Blockchain space.

After Camp

BitCamp is not about having Bitcoin/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency explained to you. It’s about achieving the level of understanding for you to become the one doing the explaining. The idea is to empower you to empower others. After BitCamp you will be able to convey the fundamentals, orient yourself & others, and operate in the space.

In short, our goal is to take you from Zero to Blockchain Hero in 3 Days.