Our Work


  • Package Manager for arc-language
  • One of the largest projects written in Arc
  • Web app built on the jekyll engine showcasing packages
  • Inspired by npm
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    Bitcoin Crowdfunding for Charities. Think Kickstarter For Charities With Bitcoin. Allows organizations to submit a cause to support, generating a page where users can visit and directly submit bitcoin and track fundraising efforts.

  • Built on Express/Node.js/Postgres and the original Bitcoin RPC API
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  • Designed Web Application development curriculum
  • Taught web application development curriculum
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Blockchain Education Network

  • Organized Founding Club
  • Recruited Founding Team
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Blockchain at Berkeley

  • Strategic Community Developement
  • Co-Organized Bay Area BitHack
  • Recruited Leadership Team
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What can we help you buidl?

Key recovery

$100 + 10%

Lost your crypto-keys? We'll do our best to make the the impossible a reality and help you get them back.
Merchant Setup


Let us help you open up shop to the New Economy.
Community Development

D-apps run on communities. We've got proven success buidling them from the ground up.
Dapp Development
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Epic Software is trasnforming the world. We can help you realize a vision

Our Process

1. Start with Why

Why are you doing what you're doing? What do you want the World to look like when you're done? How will you know you've achieved your vision? Understanding what your real motivations are, and what you’re trying to get out of what you're doing is essential. Without a profound understanding of this, you won’t be able to effectively communicate your vision to anyone else, build your product with intention, or draw the right people to your cause.

What we do

We'll help you ask the right questions up front and get to the answers that matter. We'll help you achieve the clarity you need to set your heading and set sail.

2. Hypothesize

You know what you want. Now how do you get it? Don't meander like the masses. Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing, you’ve got ideas about how to get it done. But those ideas need to be tested. As yet, they’re just sparks. And there’s one key question you’ve got to answer: How do you sustainably get from where you are now to where you want to be?

What we do

We'll help you craft a well-formed hypothesis about how to achieve your well-defined goals.

3. Test

Now that you’ve got a crystal clear idea of why you’re doing what you’re doing, where you want to go, and a well-formed measurable hypothesis about how to get there— It’s time to build a metrics-driven product experiment that will efficiently confirm or invalidate(Back to Step 2.) your hypotheses.

What we do

We help you prioritize by expected ROI and execute experiments that give you the insights you need to confirm or disprove your critical business hypotheses, so that you can move toward your vision as quickly as possible without wasting, time, effort, or money.

4. Replicate, Grow, Scale, Accelerate

Once you’ve effectively developed, tested, and confirmed a hypothesis it's time to lean in and replicate and scale.

What we do

We help you grow both sustainably and freaky-fast.

BitBox Consulting