BitBox Team

Are you unstoppable?

Do you have a crossfunctional skillset?

Want to change the world?

Are you obsessed with taking yourself and your work to the next level?

Join Our Team

You must be smart, passionate, and friendly.

You must be a constant learner.

You must additionally have a burning desire to transform the world with blockchain technology.

What are we looking for?

We're building a team unified around a mission: To Empower people to Create and Transmit Value

We believe that we can unleash value that is hidden and trapped by empowering people to create and transmit and thereby make the world more equitable, more of a reflection of the values of all, and improve the lives of every person on the planet.

You feel like you were born to build great things. You've been searching for the ultimate collaborative partners. You're a creative problem-solver who takes initiative to make things happen. You're searching for an opportunity where you have real-world impact from day one . . . BitBox might be right for you.


• Cash + Equity

• Free Food

• Free Laundry

• Free Rent in San Francisco

• Option to get payed in Bitcoin

• Free gym membership

• A new MacBook computer


Business Developper

Mission: Rapidly, Proactively, Aggressively, Sustainably Grow Our User-base

• Sales: Build and manage a sales pipeline that feels like falling in love

• Marketing: Effectively represent, share, and spread our Message, keep us top of mind

• Logistics: Make sure each aspect of BitCamp runs flawlessly like a well-engineered symphony

• Communications/Publicity Press Relations: Build communications infrastructure that supports BitCamp

• Client Relations: Do whatever it takes to produce a consistently and sustainably exultant user experience

• Social Media: Run all BitCamp Related social media marketing and communications

• Community Management: We are embedded in and committed to a movement that is bigger than any of its parts.

Must Be: Fanatical and Evangelical about our business and our technology and the blockchain movement, a Super Communicator, Effective Writer, & People Person

Must Be: devoted to producing an exultant user experience

Must Have: Smile, Your Head in the Game, curiosity, enthusiasm, grit, alacrity, strategic prowess, excellent verbal and written communication skills, excellent organizational skills with high attention to detail

Must apply a hacker's mindset to business development.

Interested in working with us?
Give this a thorough read first.

We all Hack. We all Hustle.