Onboard the world to the token economy at Radar Relay

Community Ambassador

Radar Relay

Location: Denver

Salary range: $45K-$60K

Job Description

The Community Ambassador relays Radar’s mission and duty to international communities and helps onboard Chinese speaking users towards the token economy. The Community Ambassador reports to the Community Manager or International Marketing Manager and will work closely with the marketing team, support director, and the product team.

Responsibilities include:

  • Translate Radar’s blog, support pages, youtube subtitled, and tweets and publish those posts on Chinese market pertinent social channels
  • TranslateRadar’s educational pages and dApp features
  • Provide user support on Chinese market channels by responding to users in a timely fashion and report findings to the Support Director
  • Monitor posts and comments on forums and respond or forward to the Marketing team
  • Lead Chinese user research and record data to help the product team make informed decisions
  • Assist the marketing, support, and product functions where needed, including non-international functions and tasks
  • Monitor trends within the cryptocurrency, blockchain space and share findings with marketing team
  • Help marketing team gain cultural understanding of how products should be branded, marketed, and designed for Chinese market


  • Education / Experience: Understanding of Ethereum, blockchain, and various trading venues
  • Language Ability: Native Chinese speaker and proficiency in English
  • Computer Skills: Strong computer skills including G Suite
  • Reasoning Ability: Customer service experience
  • Writing Skills: Strong communication skills, both verbal and written

Work environment:

  • Flexible hours, determined during interview (minimum of 10 hours/week)
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