Spread the Blockchain Gospel with Ethereum Classic

Communications Director

ETC Cooperative

Location: New York

Salary range: $110,000

Job Description

As Communications Director you will:

  • Clearly distill messages about ETC developments, community, and other major news both from the ETC Cooperative and other teams that work within the ETC ecosystem.
  • Communicate ETC’s core value propositions and the importance of blockchain fundamentals.
  • Develop and execute awareness campaigns to better improve the public’s knowledge of ETC.
  • Support conference planning and development.
  • Build strong relationships with journalists across a variety of media, including broadcast, digital, and print.
  • Manage social media platforms related to the ETC Cooperative.
  • Occasionally attend conferences on behalf of the ETC Cooperative where appropriate.


  • 3 - 5 years of experience within PR and Communications
  • Strong communication skills, ability to articulate complex and nuanced ideas
  • Experience in social media communications
  • Willingness to learn a very complex and new industry
  • Prior knowledge of blockchain technology and its social significance is a plus
  • Deep philosophical understanding of memes is a plus

What we offer:

  • Competitive salary range up to $110,000 depending on experience
  • The ability to travel and develop connections within the blockchain ecosystem
  • Remote work up to 2 days per week
  • A large modern office with free snacks, drinks, and even espresso
  • This is a full-time 1099 contracting position with a 12 month contract and opportunity to extend

Ethereum Classic Cooperative is a soon to be non-profit dedicated to supporting the Ethereum Classic blockchain (ETC) and ecosystem in a variety of ways, including marketing and awareness.

Ethereum Classic itself is a decentralized Cryptocurrency whose widely distributed community takes a strong and principled stance supporting immutability, and non-interventionism. The community is composed of several independently operating and funded teams plus a substantial number of volunteers and developers. We’ve thus far had a lot to offer both in fundamentals and tools but have fallen short on properly communicating our value to the broader Cryptocurrency space.

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