Our Approach

Working Bottom Up

Why don’t people “get” Bitcoin/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency? Because they don’t understand the foundations off of which it is built. When there are problems back at the axioms there’s a diminishment in power with which you can wield such a malformed system.

There's a nice metaphor that captures this: the lintel and the arch— “The biggest disadvantage to a post and lintel construction is the limited weight that can be held up, and the small distances required between the posts. Ancient Roman architecture's development of the arch allowed for much larger structures to be constructed. The arcuated system spreads larger loads more effectively, and replaced the post and lintel trabeated system in most larger buildings and structures, until the introduction of steel girder beams in the industrial era.”

Underlying misconceptions or gaps in knowledge can prevent you from building higher: at a certain point you have to go back and fill-in so you might as well have a policy of filling-in as you go.

When you learn bottom-up you are able to break to a new level— to achieve a phase change of sorts. This is why people who have a strong bottom-up understanding are so powerful. They can keep building their jinga tower up and up until they reach game changing new insights.

We're keen on empowering people by discovering exponential pathways, ways that people can be uptracked from linear progress to exponential progress. Teaching bottom-up, in an immersive, intensive experience locks the ideas into place and this is what gives the learner special power to reach new heights.

This keystone effect is what we try to produce when we teach.