A Revolution Is Happening

Bitcamp — a three day intensive blockchain workshop

What's happening?

Every so often a new technology comes along that revolutionizes our work, our lives, and our society. Occasionally these are intertwined with movements that mark a turning point for human civilization.

We often talk about inventions like the automobile and the cell phone— by simply making moving things and people’s voices easier, they led to a complete transformation of many important parts of society. These transformations echo those of the past: the emergence of writing, the alphabet, and printing.

They empowered people. They enabled progress. They made us more prosperous.

But while they granted our civilization and the individuals it is composed of new powers and possibilities they had never encountered before, they are also characterized by creative-destruction and wreaked havoc on their respective industries.

Over the course of the 1990's we witnessed momentous transformations of industry by technology. Among these were the transition from chemical, film-based photography to digital photography and the transition from print news media to digital news media. Age-old business models were broken as new ones emerged in the wake.

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology are doing this again but for a new set of industries including law, accounting, finance, and government. Just as the work of the factory was transformed over the course of the 20th century, so too will go the work of the lawyer, the accountant, and the civil servant.

You’re reading this because you’re a leader. And leaders must be prepared. Want a hand in doing so?

Join us for a three day intensive Blockchain fundamentals Workshop.

We'll examine historical antecedents for clues of where we are headed and the technical underpinnings of this new technology so you can harness the energy of the coming disruption.

What we'll cover:

Bitcamp will condense months of research, key insights, and battle-tested wisdom into a 3-day intensive blockchain fundamentals workshop. By the end of Bitcamp you’ll be positioned to navigate your company through the coming upheavals, pivot into the blockchain industry or pilot your own blockchain project. This will be a cocreative experience: over the course of Bitcamp you will work with the knowledge and skills you've gained and your co-campers to bring a blockchain project to life. Participants will also be eligble to receive a blockchain certifitcate.

We'll top it all off with a party!

Start with Why

  • History and Mythology of Money
  • The Problem with our current monetary system
  • The Gale: the impending collapse of the current monetary system
  • The Back Story: the generations-long struggle to birth a cryptocurrency

Bitcoin Fundamentals

  • Cryptography fundamentals
  • Transactions
  • The Network
  • The Blockchain
  • Mining

Skills & Tools

  • Setting up Wallets
  • Buying Bitcoin
  • Trading
  • Securing a wallet
  • Key Management
  • Cold Storage
  • Blockchain Tools and Resources


  • Altcoins
  • Consensus Algorithms
  • Bitcoin/Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Topology
  • Hard Forks, Soft Forks, Chainsplits, and spoons


  • What is Ethereum
  • Blockchain Programming
  • Smart Contracts
  • Triple-Entry Bookkeeping
  • Decentralized Organizations
  • Decentralized Applications
  • How to Launch a Cryptocurrency
  • How to do and ICO

Implications & Applications

  • Real Estate
  • Records management
  • Logistics/Supply Chain
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • IoT
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Public Administration + Civil Service
  • Accounting
  • Data Science
  • Compliance/Regulations/Taxes


  • Presentations
  • Q&A + Awards
  • Party

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Dec 12-14

Tech Town Detroit
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Jan 9-11

University of Chicago
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New York

Jan 23-25

Columbia University

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Feb 6-8

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Apr 24-26

11 Rue de la Seine

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May 22-24

Geek Terminal

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Who is this for?

Lawyers • Accountants • Notaries • Real Estate Professionals • Civil Servants
Business Owners • IT Professionals • Journalists • Financial Advisors • Asset Managers • Actuaries • Educators

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